Mong Duong 2 Thermal Power Plant – APH Performance Test

Air Preheater (APH) Performance Test:

  • Receiving the trust of AES Mong Duong Power Co., Ltd, Chugai Technos conducted performance test for APH system of unit 2 with bellow items:
    • Monitoring and analyze exhaust gases, primary air (PA), secondary air (SA);
    • Air leakage test;
    • Pressure loss check;
    • Thermal conversion efficiency test.
  • Using simple equipment system, easy to disassemble, meet the ducts both horizontal and vertical, difficult to operation, tight space. Sampling and monitoring equipment comply with JIS standards.
  • Scope of Work:
    • Measuring temperature, pressure, flow for exhaust gas, primary air (PA), secondary air (SA);
    • Monitoring O2 concentration;
  • Monitoring parameters: Temperature, pressure, flow rate, moisture content, gas composition (O2, CO2 và N2); O2 continuous monitoring with gas analyzer.
  • Report content:
    • The basic exhaust gas parameters (temperature, pressure, flow rate, O2 concentration);
    • Thermal conversion efficiency;
    • Air leakage rate;
    • Pressure loss;
    • Distribution diagram: flow rate, temperature, O2 concentration;
    • SCompare actual measurement results and DCS data;
    • Analyze data, evaluate overall and propose improvement projects.

Some pictures during the implementation of the project:

Measurement hole location at primary air (PA) duct

Measurement hole location at secondary air (SA) duct

O2 measuring equipment at gas inlet duct

O2 measuring equipment at gas outlet duct

Monitoring O2 concentration