Open letter

     Dear Partners and Businesses,

     Chugai Technos Vietnam Co., Ltd would like to send greetings, best wishes for health and prosperity to Partners and Businesses.

     Chugai Technos Vietnam Co., Ltd was established in April 2014, as a foreign branch of Chugai Technos Corporation Japan – one of the leading corporations in Japan has nearly 70 years of experience in the field of environment and non-destructive testing.

     Chugai Technos was granted a certificate of eligibility for environmental monitoring services with code VIMCERTS 086 (3rd time) by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment under Decision No. 1067/QĐ-BTNMT dated May 20, 2022. Chugai Technos’s field of activity includes:

  • Environmental monitoring and analysis;
  • Environmental device performance test and diagnosis;
  • Pipeline scale and blockage inspection;
  • Non-destructive testing;
  • Equipment trading.

     Strengths of Chugai Technos:

  • A technical team of highly qualified, experienced and highly trained in Japan.
  • High quality equipment system from countries in the G7 group, quality is certified globally.
  • Provide detailed, reliable, quickly results and provide improvement suggestions to customers.
  • Always improve the quality management system, ensuring absolute confidentiality for customers.

     With the quality policy “Provide high-quality, timely technical products and services that satisfy customer requirements and expectations”, Chugai Technos wishes to accompany the continuous development of customers to contribute to improving our living environment.

     We wish you good health and success.

Best regards.