Services cooperated with headquarters

Chugai Technos Vietnam in cooperate with the parent company – Chugai Technos Corporation provides Dioxins/Furans analysis services in the ambient air and exhaust gas.

Chugai Technos Vietnam will sampling and send the samples to the headquarters conducting analysis, then create the report.

 1. Dioxins/Furans measurement in ambient air

  • Using latest equipment high volume air sampler can measure for 24 hours or 7 days continuously.
  • Quality control using double measurement and travel blank.



 2. Dioxins/Furans measurement in exhaust gas

  • Sampling in two methods: absorption through XAD-2 resin and Dioana filter.
  • During measurement, continuous monitoring of CO and O2  concentrations simultaneously with a gas analyzer to check the combustion process.        

Dioxins sampling in exhaust gas – XAD-2 resin

Dioxins sampling in exhaust gas – Dioana filter

3. Environmental air monitoring and measurement

We carry out the measurements of harmful substances in atmosphere with our headquarter.

  • Atmospheric monitoring.
  • Measurement of harmful substances.
  • Analysis of Dioxins.
  • PM 2.5.
▲PM 2.5 measurement
Analysis of Dioxins
▲Analysis of Dioxins
Monitoring System
                                    ▲Measurementof harmful atmospheric air                                       ▲Monitoring System
 Analysis of harmful substances in lab
▲Analysis of harmful substances in lab