Environmental monitoring and analysis

         Inheriting the achievements and experience gained over 40 years from Chugai Technos Corporation in Japan in fields such as: ambient air, water quality, exhaust gas, wastewater, waste analysis; environmental monitoring, surveying the emission status of chemicals, analyzing trace levels of toxic substances; We will provide customers with quick results with high accuracy.       

        Chugai Technos Vietnam Co., Ltd obtained the certificate of eligibility for environmental monitoring service No. VIMCERTS 086 issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment for the third times on May 20, 2022.

Environmental measurement and analysis

         Chugai Technos always focuses on updating, upgrading and perfecting the standard system and equipment with the goal of providing fast, accurate and reliable environmental monitoring and analysis services. In addition, we also cooperates with qualified subcontractor, certified for special criteria on pesticides, special inorganic and organic criteria of exhaust gas, water, soil samples, sludge,…; and monitoring the working environment to fully meet the requirements of all types of businesses.

Environmental monitoring and analysis services of Chugai Technos Vietnam Co., Ltd. as follows:

  • Measuring microclimate, ambient air and working environment;
  • Monitoring and analyzing samples of boiler exhaust gas, furnace exhaust gas, industrial factory exhaust gas, chimney exhaust gas, etc.;
  • Analysis of samples of surface water, wastewater, groundwater, sea water, etc.;
  • Analysis of sludge samples, soil samples, sediments, etc.


▼Continuous emission monitoring by gas analyzer


▼Emission gas temperature and pressure measurement


▼Sampling equipment systemSampling set ▼Emission gas samplingSO2 sampling
▼Monitoring by isokinetic sampling equipmentIsokinetic sampling ▼Chimney emission gas monitoringStack gas monitoring