Environmental analysis and monitoring equipment

    • HORIBA Group world class technological products as follows:
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ENDA series Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems /Stack Gas Analyzer –

ENDA series


– Stable monitoring for NOx/SO2/CO2/CO/O2/NH3,Opacity, flow are optional

– Globally trusted by sales more than 100,000 units & still counting…

– No.1 share for power plant application in Japan.

– Working on various proven principles (Cross Flow Modulated NDIR)

– HORIBA designed sampling system assure longer life time




Transportable Gas Analyzer – PG-300 series


– Highly reliable gas analyzer for testing of  NOx/SO2/CO/CO2/O2/CH4

– Working on various principles similar to CEMS like NDIR

(SO2, CO, CO2, CH4), Chemiluminescence (NOx) and Galvanic cell (O2)

– Compact & Light weight. A good for inspection & temporal measurement


PG-300 series
AP 370 series Ambient Quality Monitoring Stations (AQMS) – AP 370 series

– Ambient CO/CO2/SO2/NOx/THC/O3/H2S/NH3/TVOC/PM10,2.5/Heavymetals
– Various types of fixed stations and mobile station

– High market share in various countries


Multi Components Gas Analyzer –VA-3000 series

– 3 comp in 1 analyzer for measurement of CO/CO2/N2O/CH4/SO2/NOx/O2
– Reliable principle like NDIR, CLA, Galvanic, Zirconia
– Desk top model and suitable for research purpose in laboratory
VA-3000 series


NZ-5000 series Zirconia O2 Analyzer – NZ-5000 series


– Direct in-situ method with Zirconia sensor give quick response

– O2 measurement, ppm to 100%

– Sample gas temperature up to 1400 degree C



Explosion Proof Gas Analyzer– 51 series


– IEC60078 compatible explosion proof

– Reliable technology such as NDIR, TCD, PMA, MPA for
various components: CO, CO2, SO2, NO, HC, O2, H2, etc
51 series



HORIBA Water-1

Online Water Processing Analyzers

– Turbidity
– Silica
– Fluorine ion
– Total Nitrogen & Total
– DO
– Residual chlorine
– Resistivity
– pH
HORIBA Water-2