Duyen Hai 3 Extension Thermal Power Plant

Stack gas monitoring – Confirmation of emission guarantees:

For Duyen Hai 3 Extension Thermal Power Plant, the chimney is arranged in a common group with the chimneys of the two existing units, which leads to some measuring holes located close to the chimney wall, causing significant difficulties for emissions monitoring work. On the other hand, the chimney has a diameter of more than 7m, so monitoring at the position of the measuring hole close to the chimney wall is almost impossible.

With the difficult conditions of monitoring location, Chugai Technos received the trust of SGS Vietnam Contractor, became the only company that could meet the strict requirements of the main contractor – requires monitoring all measuring points according to the procedure.

To solve this problem, Chugai Technos has refined the sampling tube with a length of 3m into 0.6m pipe sections that can be assembled together, thereby meeting the monitoring requirements.

  • Work contents:
    • Site survey, planning monitoring as required.
    • Monitoring of flue gas emissions.
  • Monitoring parameters: Temperature, pressure, velocity, flow rate, moisture content, gas composition (O2, CO2 and N2), NOx, SO2, dust concentration.
  • Report contents:
    • The basic exhaust gas parameters;
    • NOx, SO2, dust concentration;
    • Desulfurization efficiency;
    • Velocity distribution;
    • Analyze data, compare actual measurement results and guaranteed values.

 Some pictures during the implementation of the project:

Narrow space at the monitoring location

Monitoring with assembled sampling tubes

Monitoring of exhaust gas temperature and pressure

Monitoring of total dust

NOx sampling

SO2 sampling