Duyen Hai 1 Thermal Power Plant – AIG Tuning, SCR Performance Test – Unit S1

Ammonia Injection Grid (AIG) Adjustment and SCR De-NOx System Performance Test:

  • With the trust from Dai Tam Son Joint Stock Company (the main contractor), Chugai Technos successfully carried out the task of adjusting the Ammonia Injection Grid (AIG) and performance test for Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system for Unit S1.
  • Using simple equipment system, easy to disassemble, meet the ducts both horizontal and vertical, difficult to operation, tight space. Sampling and monitoring equipment comply with JIS standards.
  • Work content:
    • AIG adjustment: Surveying valve opening rate, outlet NOx distribution; Adjustment of the injection valves; Confirmation of distribution of NOx and ammonia slip after adjustment.
    • SCR performance test: Exhaust gas monitoring, differential pressure measurement, ammonia consumption survey.
  • Monitoring parameters: Temperature, pressure, velovity, flow rate, moisture content, gas composition (O2, CO2 and N2), SO2, SO3, NH3 concentration; continuous monitoring NOx/O2 by gas analyzer.
  • Report content:
    • Valve opening rate, NOx distribution coefficient before and after adjustment;
    • The basic exhaust gas parameters;
    • NOx/O2 concentration;
    • NOx removal efficiency;
    • Ammonia slip;
    • NH3/NOx molar ratio;
    • Conversion rate SO2 to SO3;
    • Distribution diagram: flow velocity, temperature, NOx/O2 , NHconcentration;
    • Comparison of actual measurement results and DCS data;
    • Data analysis, general evaluation and giving improvement plan;
  • Chugai Technos engineering team carried out the project under challenging nighttime operating conditions, aligning with the operational schedule of Duyen Hai 1 Thermal Power Plant. With the support of highly experienced Japanese experts, Chugai Technos effectively utilized available resources to collaboratively develop the most optimal plan, meeting actual conditions and ensuring the successful completion of the project on schedule.

Some pictures during the implementation of the project:

Measurement and sampling equipment system

Adjustment of ammonia inection valves

NOx-O2 continuous monitoring

Operation of sampling tubes

Sampling equipment system

NH3 sampling

SO2 sampling

SO3 sampling