Vung Ang 1 Thermal Power Plant – AIG Tuning

AIG Tuning:

  • Chugai Technos, having gained the trust of the contractor Babcock & Wilcox Vietnam, successfully executed the task of adjusting the Ammonia Injection Grid (AIG) of the SCR system for Unit 2.
  • Utilizing a simple and easily assembled equipment system, the adjustment addressed the specific challenges of the sampling location (horizontal and vertical pipelines, difficult access points, confined spaces, sampling holes located outside the operating floor, and depths up to 7m). The monitoring equipment system adheres to the Japanese JIS standards.
  • Scope of Work:
    • AIG Tuning: Surveying valve opening rate, NOx distribution at the outlet; Adjusting injection valves; Confirm NOx and ammonia slip distribution after adjustment.
    • Monitoring and analyzing exhaust gas quality at the outlet of the water heater (Economizer) and SCR outlet.
  • Monitoring Parameters: Temperature, pressure, velocity, flow rate, moisture content, gas composition (O2, CO2, and N2), NH3 slip concentration; continuous NOx-O2 monitoring using gas analyzer.
  • Report Contents:
    • Valve opening rate, NOx distribution coefficients before and after adjustment;
    • Basic exhaust gas parameters;
    • NOx-O2 concentration;
    • NOx removal  efficiency;
    • NH3 slip concentration;
    • NH3/NOx mole ratio;
    • Distribution diagram: NOx-O2, NH3 concentrations;
    • Comparison of actual measurement results with DCS data;
    • Data analysis, overall evaluation, and improvement plan recommendations.
  • Chugai Technos team of engineers carried out the project under challenging nighttime operational conditions according to the Vung Ang 1 Thermal Power Plant operational schedule. Collaborating with highly experienced engineers and industry experts from Japan, Chugai Technos effectively utilized available resources to work closely with the client in developing the optimal solution, meeting real-world conditions and contributing to the successful completion of the project on schedule.

Some pictures during the implementation of the project:

Measurement and sampling equipment system

Ammonia injection valves adjustment area

 NOx-O2 continuous monitoring

Valve adjustment position calculation

NH3 sampling

NH3 sampling control

NH3 sampling collection