Environmental measurement and analysis

Chugai Technos Vietnam Co., Ltd obtained the certificate of eligibility for environmental monitoring service No. VIMCERTS 086 issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment for the second times on December 17, 2018.

Based on laws and regulations, we offer services in measuring and analyzing hazardous substances trace and environmental contaminants.

Environmental measurement and analysis

We analyze emission gas, wastewater contents in factories and surrounding soil.

  • Emission gas: Flow rate, temperature, pressure, moisture content, total dust, SO2, NOx, CO, CO2, O2, HCl, NH3.
  • Wastewater: pH, Temperature, TSS, Cation, Anion.
  • Soil: Moisture, Cation, Anion, Total alkalinity, EC.
▼Wastewater treatment plant                                                              ▼Spectrophotometer
Wastewater treatment plant
▲Ion – chromatography                                                                             ▲Wastewater measurement

Environmental air monitoring and measurement

We carry out the measurements of harmful substances in atmosphere with our headquarter.

  • Atmospheric monitoring.
  • Measurement of harmful substances.
  • Analysis of Dioxins.
  • PM 2.5.
▲PM 2.5 measurement
Analysis of Dioxins
▲Analysis of Dioxins
Monitoring System
                                    ▲Measurementof harmful atmospheric air                                       ▲Monitoring System
 Analysis of harmful substances in lab
▲Analysis of harmful substances in lab