Vinh Tan 4 Extension Thermal Power Plant

Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) system Performance Test:

  • Receiving the trust of National Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering (Main Contractor), Chugai Technos performed the performance testing of a seawater desulfurization system with the following items:
    • Analysis of exhaust gas quality at the FGD System;
    • Analysis of coal quality at Coal Feeder inlet;
    • Analysis of sea water quality at the sea water treatment plant;
  • The monitoring equipment system complies with Japan’s JIS standards, meeting the characteristics of the sampling location (horizontal duct, depth of 6 – 8m at the inlet and outlet of the FGD system);
  • Monitoring parameters: Temperature, pressure, velovity, flow rate, moisture content, gas composition (O2, CO2 and N2), SO2 concentration; continuous monitoring of SO2-O2 by gas analyzer.
  • Report content:
    • The basic exhaust gas parameters;
    • SO2-O2 concentration;Distribution
    • Desulfurization efficiency;
    • SOconcentration distribution;
    • Sea water analysis results;
    • Coal analysis results;
    • Detailed results of continuous measurement of SO2-O2.

 Some pictures during the implementation of the project: