Formosa Dong Nai Thermal Power Plant

De-NOSystem (SCR) performance testing:

  • Receiving the trust of Hung Nghiep Formosa Co., Ltd, we conducted performance testing for De-NOx system (SCR) of all 3 units.
  • Using simple equipment system, easy to disassemble, meet the pipes both horizontal and vertical, difficult to operate, tight space. Sampling and monitoring equipment comply with Japanese JIS standards.

  • Monitoring parameters: Temperature, flow, moisture content, gas composition (O2, CO2 and N2), SO2, SO3, NH3 concentrations; monitoring continuously NOx/O2 by gas portable analyzer.
  • Content reports:
    • Basic parameter exhaust gas.
    • NOx/O2 concentration, De-NOx efficiency.
    • Ammonia slip.
    • Relationship between NOx and NH3 concentration.
    • Oxidation rate SO2 to SO3.
    • Distribution diagram: flow rate, temperature, NOx/O2 , NHconcentration.
    • Compare actual measurement results and factory monitoring data.
    • Analyzing data, general evaluation and giving improvement plan.

Some photos at site:


Monitoring continuously NOx/O2 concentration


 Exhaust gas temperature, pressure measurement


NOx/Oconcentration measurement


NH3 sampling